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EP 022 - Floral Designer, Katie Bennett of Mac’s Floral

Katie Bennett is an amazingly talented floral designer who has built a business that allows her to showcase her artistry while also serving her clients. In this episode, she shares her entire journey from untrained newbie to established business owner, including what triggered a downward spiral in her business and what she did to fix it. See more of Katie’s work on Instagram or through her website.

EP 034 - Watercolor Artist, Sally Walsh of Sillier Than Sally

Sally Walsh is the woman behind Sillier Than Sally Designs, and she's turned her signature style of watercolor art into a full-time career. In this episode, she covers the importance of diversifying her business structure, advice for new artists and the unique struggles of an artistic career. Listen to the end, Sally isn’t one to hold back! See more of Sally’s work on Instagram or through her website.