LA Artistic Portraiture Workshop/Meetup

This workshop is meant to give you an edge in the portraiture world - as well as meet a lot of cool people and have a ton of fun!

Meant to be a good time, we’ll be doing a ton of shooting. We’ll start the day at 10:00 in Tongva park, with a few shooting demos to get you guys started. We’ll cover lighting, expanding your depth of field, natural posting, creating an interesting effect on a budget and setting up for a composite shot. 

We’ll break for lunch from 1:00 then meet back up at 2:00 to cover editing. 

We’ll show how to stitch together a composite image in photoshop, as well as how to add some interesting artistic effects, like create texture overlays, haze and color toning. Then we’ll grab some snacks and head to the beach to shoot until sunset! 

Lucky for you, we’re keeping this one as cheap as possible! Price is $100 per person, or $75 per person if you bring a friend! 

So come on down and join us for an awesome day of shooting, editing and general all-around photographic horseplay! :)

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