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PART 1: EP 009 - Setting the Foundation

Whether you’re looking to add blogging to your current marketing plan, or hoping to turn it into a full-fledged career, this first installment of my blogging series covers why you’d even want a blog, choosing your domain name, hosting, and designing your dream blog.

PART 2: EP 012 - Best Blogging Practices

In every community, there are rules, and the blogging community is no different. In the second installment of my blogging series, I cover the basics of setting up your blog, writing your first post, using SEO and of course my Ten Best Blogging Practices for writing authentic and shareable content.

PART 3: EP 014 - Growing Your Blog

When talking about growing your blog, we’re really talking about two things: traffic and readership. You need both, and in this episode I list my top 8 tips for driving traffic to your blog, plus my 5 strategies for converting those visitors into enthusiastic subscribers.

PART 4: EP 015 - Monetizing Your Blog

Your blog is up and running, now let’s make some money! In the final installment of my blogging series I talk about the importance of quality content when reaching out to potential clients, how to create your own media kit and my 10 top monetization strategies.