Business of fine art photography - jenna martin photography



PART 1: EP 026 - Portfolio Development

It's the Fine Art class! In this first installment I cover some of the most difficult lessons I've learned in the art world, as well as essential steps for getting your portfolio printed and ready for presentation. I also talk about some recent inspiration to get me back to video, and what I found on a buried 512 gb memory card from 16 years ago.

PART 2: EP 028 - Sizing, Pricing & Editions

In the second installment of the Fine Art class, I discuss what sizes you might consider for printing (and why), crucial differences between open and limited editions and how to begin pricing your work for sale. If you’re looking to break into fine art and have no idea where to start, this is the episode for you.

PART 3: EP 030 - Selling Your Work

In the final installment, I talk about different options for selling your work, including galleries, POD sites, on your own, corporate clientele, licensing options and more. I cover pros and cons of each, basic outreach strategies, and even the massive spreadsheet I use to keep it all organized.