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EP 013 - 12 Ways to Increase Creativity

Creativity isn’t something you’re just born with, it’s a skill; one that can be further developed with practice. And right here are 12 methods of practice proven to increase creativity. Plus, I rant about my latest struggles while trying to do anything at my local Verizon store.

EP 016 - Resolutions for Creative Badasses

While we all have our own personal goals and resolutions we pursue throughout the year, I like to make a separate list specifically for pushing myself creatively. So here they are, my top 6 resolutions for those of us ready to push ourselves to the creative edge this year.

EP 025 - Philanthropy 101: Doing More With Your Art

No matter what kind of creative you are, the work you do is worth far more than a simple pricetag. In this episode I cover 6 ways to use your skills as a photographer (or artist, or musician, or dancer, or writer...) to begin making small, meaningful changes in the world around you.