Online photography coaching and mentorship sessions are finally here! I’ve been in contact with so many of you over the past year, so I’m hoping this will be much more useful to your businesses than explaining things through email!

Completely Personalized

These sessions are short, to the point and 100% specific to your business. Whether you’re looking for feedback on your portfolio, wondering about package pricing, interested in how to better market your business, how to increase your social media following, how to reach out to galleries or publications or even if you’re brand spankin’ new and have no idea where to start in your business, I’m here to get you headed in the right direction.

On Your Schedule

I know you’re busy – I’m busy too! I understand how difficult it can be to set aside a full weekend for a full workshop, let alone save up enough money to pay for food, lodging and travel while you’re at it. A great benefit of these online photography coaching sessions is we meet on your schedule. You choose the time, date and the subject matter. We meet one-on-one for an in-depth video chat.

Find The Perfect Fit

Currently you can choose between either a 1-hour session or 3 separate 1-hour sessions all to be held within one month of each other.  The 3 session package is perfect for people that need that extra kick in the butt. The first session provides a starting point, the next two keep you on track and further your development.

If you have any questions before you get started, or would like a list of references you can contact, feel free to email me at :).

I’ll be scheduling a very limited number of sessions each month, so don’t wait too long! Click one of the buttons below to get started!