Turn Your Dream Photographs Into Reality

In this class, you'll discover a variety of unique techniques for adding mood and atmosphere to your portraits. Plus, get expert advice on the gear that's worth investing in and where you can pursue budget–friendly options that will give you the effects you want. And remember, with Craftsy, you get to enjoy this class forever, so you can watch your lessons as many times as you wish, and return to the techniques you'd like to see again.

To begin, I'll show you how to set the mood of your portraits before you even start the shoot. Get tried–and–true tricks for planning a photo shoot, from selecting the perfect location, wardrobe and accessories, to finding inspiration in the environment around you and more.

Up next, deepen your understanding of light, and learn how it can transform your subjects and your shoot. We'll practice shooting in direct sun, shade and dusk. Then, I'll show you how to harness natural light for gorgeous results. You'll even find out how to add lens flare and haze effects, for one–of–a–kind images that reflect your creative vision.

Want to know the secret to creating visual impact with a shallow depth of field and everyday objects? In this lesson, I'll spill my go–to techniques, and I'll show you how to work with a slower kit lens while still achieving the beautiful blurred backgrounds you want. You'll be amazed by what ordinary household objects can do for your photos!

This class is all about setting the right tone in your images, so we'll learn a few more ways to add mood and atmosphere to your shots. I'll also demonstrate how to slow your shutter speed to bring movement and visual interest to your photos. Plus, get my handy tips for capturing natural–looking expressions that elevate your shots in amazing ways.

Solid post–processing techniques are almost as important as knowing how to take stunning photos. In this lesson, I'll demonstrate my post–processing methods for a simplified workflow and portraits that truly shine. Then, learn time–saving Photoshop tricks for your easiest editing ever. And, get tips for brightening your subject's eyes and skin, and adding an ethereal glow to the entire scene.

In our last lesson, we'll really let loose and have some fun as we create composite portraits made from multiple image layers. I'll share step–by–step instruction for placing and editing each layer, for incredible results that are sure to set your work apart. 

Explore photography techniques that work for you, and break a few rules along the way, for results you're proud to share.