Hilary and Sam Wedding Speech

This is a video of a bride's father giving an emotional speech to his daughter on her wedding night. (This was shot as a trial run with Britney Paige Cinematographers, after which I decided I just didn't like wedding videography all that much. The end of the video will link to more of their work, but I wasn't involved in the production of any of those videos, just this one.) 

SNAP Retreat 2018

SNAP Retreat is a conference designed for developing photographers, videographers, and models. This is a quick promotional video I put together about the experience. 

Wheels of Change

Shot for Wheels of Change, a charitable organization that delivers bikes to African communities to provide transportation and utility to it's members. This video documents Wheels of Change delivery in Jordan.  

City of Billings

Shot for Andy Austin, this video was meant to highlight the attractive points of living in Billings, Montana.