Exploring what the world has to offer, both above and below the water.

Exploring the world from under the water.


City of Billings

This video was meant to highlight the attractive points of living in Billings, Montana. All-encompassing drone footage shows the vastness of the landscape, while handheld angles show a more intimate side. 

Wheels of Change

Wheels of Change is a charitable organization that delivers bikes to African communities to provide transportation and utility to it's members. This video documents Wheels of Change delivery in Jordan.   


PhotoFern required over 150 short, educational clips to fill it's class list. They requested "bright and clean" lighting. This is an example of one of those clips, offset with b-roll and example voiceover. 

Rachelle Kathleen

Rachelle needed a makeup tutorial video that showcased her personality, as well as customized graphics to showcase her brand. The graphics at the intro are made specifically for Rachelle Kathleen.

Sam Schreffs

Sam Schreffs is a professional ice skater and ice skating instructor who needed an introduction video for both her website and social media. This was taken on Lake McDonald. 

Model & Talent Academy

MTA requested short, to the point videos, with very few angles and transitions, in a live setting. Here is a quick workout demo done for the fitness section of