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EP 001 - Overcoming Fear When Taking Creative Risks

Whether you’re writing a book, exploring a new career or launching the pilot episode of a new podcast (hint, hint), the first step is always the hardest. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to spend this first episode listing my top 8 tips for overcoming that initial, paralyzing fear we all face time to time.

EP 008 - When You’re Struggling to Belong

For many of us, a “sense of belonging” is a myth we tell ourselves in order to keep moving forward. In this episode I share my own struggles with fitting in and hopefully offer a little ray of hope for the fellow weirdos who are still searching for their community.

EP 011 - You’re Doing a Good Job

It may seem like nothing, but hese five little words can mean a lot more than we realize. In this episode, I talk about hearing them from someone I least expected, on a day I desperately needed to hear them. If it’s been awhile since you’ve heard them, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode.

EP 018 - Three Tips to Understanding and Overcoming Rejection

As an artist, the worst thing you can do is intimidate yourself into walking away from a project before you even start. These are the top 3 actionable steps I personally use when working through both the fear of potential rejection as well as the heartbreak of actual rejection.

EP 020 - You Are More Capable Than You Realize

How do we convince ourselves we’re capable of something we've never done before? So many of us have brilliant ideas that never come to fruition all because we believe we are incapable of pulling them off. In this episode, I talk about my 5 favorite tips for unearthing just how capable we truly are. 

EP 023 - When You’re Not Who You Thought You’d Be

I wasn't actually sure I would publish this one, but here I am, so it looks like I'm publishing! In this episode I talk about my struggle with motherhood, how my business has changed since having kids and coming to terms with a new and sometimes confusing identity.

EP 024 - Imposter Syndrome: 5 Ways to Deal

Imposter Syndrome is the constant fear of being exposed as a fraud. It's the feeling that you don't actually deserve the success you've achieved. In this episode, I talk about my own struggle with Imposter Syndrome, especially within the photography community, and share 5 ways to work through it if you're dealing with something similar. I also share one of my most embarrassing stories ever. Lord have mercy.